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PTT handfree Yaesu MH 37A4B / SSM 57A (ORIGINAL)

RM 155.00

Vertex / Yaesu MH-37a4b / SSM-57A single-wire headset, general use

Vertex A08050001 / Yaesu MH-37a4b or AAK36X011 / SSM-57A - Single-wire, common use headset for use with amateur radio walkie Yaesu brand and professional radio Vertex Standard. the headset is recommended for normal operating conditions and does not belong to a high-strength product grade protected from the external environment. The Yaesu MH-37a4b headset supports VOX mode if it is activated on your radio, but its own built-in voice activation module does not have.

MH-37a4b / SSM-57A Headphone Specifications:
Connector: 3.5mm-jack screw
Cable length, m: 1.3
The MH-37a4b / SSM-57A headset is compatible with the following stations:
Yaesu FT-40R, FT-50R, FT-60R, FT-250R, VX-1R, VX-2R, VX-3R, VX-10, VX-110, VX-130 VX-131 VX-132, VX-150 , VX-8GE, VXF-1, VXF-10
Vertex Standard VX-160, VX-180, VX-231, VX-210, VX-300, VX-400, VX-351, VX-354, VX-414, VX-417, VX-424, VX-427
PTT supplied MH-37a4b / SSM-57A:
headset, insert protection foam on earphone, individual packing
May indicate the original set:
MH-37a4b, A08050001 SSM-57A, AAK36X011

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