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Walkie Talkie Motorola GP960 PLUS PTT Two Way Radio 10W 8KM

RM 430.00

Motorola GP-960 Plus, high-end models, durability, good water & dust resistant design, great capacity to 10w, the contact distance ideal ... Machine talkie Motorola GP-960 Plus has the ability to communicate Very good in noisy environment, using voice compression technology to reduce signal interference. The market recognizes the GP-960Plus with 10w output power for clear talk quality, long battery life with up to 2800mAh talk time up to 8-10h.

This is a good water and Dust machine, suitable for outdoor use, construction, ship yard and so on. 

- Frequency range: UHF: 400-480MHz
- 16 channel coding technology to reduce signal interference.
- Transmission power: 10W, extremely good noise filtering in high noise environment.
- Standard battery: 2800mAh, long range, continuous operation from 10-12 hours.
- voltage: 7.4V.
- Charging voltage: DC 8.4V.

Package includes:
1x GP-960 Plus
1x Antenna
1x Battery
1x Power adapter
1x Table charger
1x Belt Clip
1x Manual instruction