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SWR meter Nissei RS50 120w

RM 350.00

1. Frequency range: 125 - 525MHz
2. Measurable Power range: 0 - 120W ± 5%
3. Max. power: 120W
4. Testing functions: Fwd/Rev Power, SWR
5. Impedance: 50 ohm
6. Power source: battery "AAA"(battery is not included) or Micro USB port
7. Connector: "M" type or "N" type
8. Dimension: 70(W) x 78(H) x 30(D) mm
9. Net Weight: 220g

1. Apply output of transceiver to "TX" and antenna or load to "ANT".
2. "POWER" on for ready to use.
3. LCD display show simultaneously "Fwd/Rev Power and SWR".
4. For back-light, please switch "LIGHT" to "ON".
    No function in 30 seconds, the backlight will automatically  off.
    Once PTT launched, the backlight will be back.