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Standard Horizon HX320 Handheld VHF 6W, Bluetooth, USB Charge

RM 850.00

The Standard Horizon HX320 Handheld VHF radio is a reliable and durable option for your boating communication needs.

  • 6W Power: With 6 watts of transmit power, you can communicate with other boats, the coast guard, or marina personnel with ease.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Connect your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices to the HX320 for added convenience.

  • USB Charging: The radio is easily rechargeable via USB cable, making it a practical option for extended boating trips without easy access to power outlets.

The HX320's compact design makes it easy to carry around and use. The large backlit display provides clear visibility even in low-light conditions. The radio also features an emergency strobe light that can be activated in case of an emergency on board. Additionally, the radio has NOAA weather channels with weather alerts that keep you updated on changing weather conditions in your vicinity so you can stay safe while out at sea.

The Standard Horizon HX320 Handheld VHF 6W is a highly functional and convenient option for any boater looking for reliable communication equipment on their vessel