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QJE PS30SW High efficiency 13.8v 30A Switch Source for Car radio

RM 330.00

High efficiency DC 220V converter PS-30SW IV 13.8v 30A Switch Source QJE PS30SW IV for Car radio TH-9800 KT-8900 kT-7900D 

  • Fixed voltage power supply, LCD display, 13.8V, up to 30A as switching power supply with adjustable interference filter and voltage adjustment.
  • The power supply has connector sockets on the front for 4 mm safety plugs and on the back solid screw terminals with 4 mm banana plugs where the maximum current can be removed.
  • With a switch, you can switch between 13.8V fixed voltage and an adjustable voltage range of 9-15V. This offers a wide range of uses.
  • The adjustable interference filter allows you to filter out the frequently occurring faults of switching power supplies in sensitive devices.
  • The digital display shows both the output voltage and the output current. Cooling is done via a temperature-controlled fan.