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Mobile rig AnyTone AT5289 CB Radio Transceiver

RM 500.00
AT-5289 is a Multi-norms and multi-function radio which provides you with top performance.

With the use of SMT technology to guarantee the best stability, reliability and unprecedented quality, AT-5289 is a
new step in personal communication and is surely the best choice for professional users of radios. Moreover, it adopts
flash CPU in the radio, which makes AT-5289 ready for future upgrading and functions expanding.


Modulation modes AM/FM
Frequency ranges 28.000-29.700MHz
25.615-30.105MHz (programmable)
Antenna impedance 50 Ohms
Power supply 13.2V

Frequency error +/- 300HZ
Output power AM: 4W(PEP12W),15W(PEP60W) ; FM: 4W,15W, 50W
Transmission interference inferior to 4nW(-54dBm)
Audio response 300HZ to 3KHZ in AM/FM
Emitted power in the adj. channel inferior to 20uW
Microphone sensitivity 3mV
Maximum current max 11A
Modulated singal distortion inferior to 5%

Max sensitivity at 20dB sinad 0.8uV -113 dBm FM 1.5uV -103 dBm AM
Frequency response 300HZ to 3KHZ in AM/FM
Adjacent channel selectivity 60dB
Maximum audio power 3W
Squelch sensitivity Minimum 0.2uv -120 dBm Maximum 1mV -47 dBm
Maximum current 0.3A nominal/1.2A maximum