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Desktop PTT Mic Motorola RMN5068A

RM 200.00

The Desktop Microphone provides two button functions and a high-sensitivity electret microphone element in ahousing which is suitable for base installlations. the microphone is supplied with a coiled cor and a connector thet plugs into the Control Head of the radio. 

Base Station Mic Replacement for RMN5068A
For use with the CDM control station for two way radios
Large Push-to-Talk button, user friendly for base station users.

Compatible For Motolora Two Way Radio:
SM50 SM120
GM300 Series Mobile Radio
M1225 LSTM Series Mobile Radio
CM300 Mobile Radio
CM200 Mobile Radio
PM400 Mobile Radio
CDM1550 Mobile Radio
CDM1250 Mobile Radio
CDM750 Mobile Radio
CDM1550 LSTM Mobile Radio
GTX LTRTM Mobile Radio
GTX Privacy PlusTM Mobile Radio...