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Car Charger Cable input 12v - 24v output 5v

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1. Connect the line to the power of the vehicle battery or fuse box, enabling 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply without parking monitor.
2. Still continue to supply after car parking stalling.
3. With automatic detection of battery voltage and low-voltage protection, low voltage will cut off the power supply to ensure the car can normally start ignition.
4. Buck line 12/24V to 12V, 1500mA. Built-in precision switching power supply module to ensure the output voltage is more stable!
5. Short circuit protection: overcurrent, overtemperature protection, reverse polarity protection, lower than 11.6V / 23.2V automatically cut off the power supply output.  

Voltage input: DC 12V
Voltage output: DC 5V 1500mA
Current output: 2 A (max)
Cable length: Approx. 3m
Port type: Mini HDMI