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Battery li-ion waterproof baofeng a58 9r pro xr with USB port

RM 50.00

This Baofeng A58 9R Pro XR is a waterproof, li-ion battery-powered two-way radio that's perfect for outdoor adventures. It features a USB port for convenient charging, so you can keep your device powered up and ready to go.

  • Waterproof design
  • Li-ion battery
  • USB port for charging

The Baofeng A58 9R Pro XR is built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Its waterproof design ensures that it will work even in wet environments, and its li-ion battery provides long-lasting power.

The USB port makes it easy to keep your device charged while you're on the go. Simply plug it into any USB port or charger, and you'll be ready to hit the trails again in no time.