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Baofeng UV 5RM Walkie talkie FM Air Band RX VHF UHF Scrambler Encrypt DTMF Tone (10 watt)

RM 168.00

Stay connected even in the great outdoors with the Baofeng UV 5RM Two Way Radio.

  • Powerful: With 10 watts of power, this radio offers reliable communication over long distances.
  • Versatile: The FM Air Band RX, VHF and UHF frequencies make this radio perfect for outdoor HAM communication.
  • Safety First: The scrambler encrypts your conversations to ensure privacy while the DTMF tone helps prevent interference from other users.

The Baofeng UV 5RM is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who need reliable and versatile communication options. Whether you're hiking, camping or just exploring nature, this two way radio has you covered with its powerful signal and multiple frequency options.

The scrambler encrypts your conversations to ensure that your messages stay private while the DTMF tone helps prevent interference from other users on shared frequencies. You can also use the FM Air Band RX for aviation monitoring or VHF/UHF frequencies for amateur HAM operation.

If you want a durable two way radio that can keep up with all of your adventures in nature, consider investing in a Baofeng UV-5RM today!