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(USED) PTT mic PMMN4046A IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone with Volume

RM 100.00

Motorola PMMN4046A Impres - Large speaker microphone with volume control and alarm button IP57

This microphone features revolutionary wind porting, which reduces background noise caused by extreme winds and other inclement weather conditions.

In addition, it employs the IMPRES Smart Audio System for optimal audio performance and enhanced audio amplification.

The high-quality and extremely robust processing of the microphone make the microphone resilient for use under extreme conditions. All connections are designed for heavy loads.

The cables are long enough and very flexible. An angled plug with the right assignment for your radio device guarantees reliable use in any environment.

The microphone is suitable for the following radios:

  • MTP850FUG | MTP830FUG - BOS Version !
  • MTP850S | MTP830S
  • MotoTrbo DP3400 | DP3401 DP3600 | DP3601
  • MotoTrbo DP4400 | DP4401 | DP4600 | DP4601 | DP4800 | DP4801
  • MotoTrbo DP4400e | DP4401e | DP4600e | DP4601e | DP4800e | DP4801e


  • Motorola Parts Number: PMMN4046 PMMN4046A


  • Robust hand control with retaining clip for attachment to collar / clothing etc.
  • excellent voice transmission and playback equipped with easy-to-use PTT (transmission button)
  • Alarm button / emergency button
  • volume control
  • programmable button