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Walkie talkie 6600i TIA gas explosion (SIRIM Approval)

RM 1,890.00

2 year full warranty,BrandNew,,100% original product
SIRIM Approval
Analog and digital
Free setting
-16 Channels
-Available in UHF and VHF frequency bands
-Enhanced Privacy
-Transmit Interrupt
-Rugged Design: IP55 specifications for water protection
-Industry-Leading Audio: Loud front-facing speaker and Intelligent Audio feature that -automatically adjusts the radio volume according the environment's noise level
-Analog and Digital Interoperability: Dynamic mixed mode repeater streamlines automatic switching between analog and digital calls
Package include:
1 x ori Charger
1 x Lithium ion battery
1 x high gain Antenna
1 x adapter
1 x manual book